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Offshore Seals:

Specialists in design and manufacture of oilfield seals and sealing components for surface and subsurface use.
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Manufacturing and Quality Control

Rubber seals are produced by compression, transfer or vacuum compression moulding, with press capacity available up to 800 tons and 40" diameter.

Machined seals utilise fully automatic CNC lathes which ensure fast response time for volume production and manufacture of precision parts to consistently close tolerances.

Our Quality Control Procedures ensure full traceability and certification on all parts produced.

Downhole conditions can provide a very hostile environment for seals and packer elements and premature failure can be caused by several factors:

H2S : Amines : Thermal Degredation : Oil Swell : Gas Impregnation : Hydrolysis : Extrusion : Compression Set

If you have a problem or require advice on a particular seal application, consult Offshore Seals - specialists in Polymer Engineering for the oil and gas industry.